Dr. Zacharie Cole, D.C.

Dr. Zacharie Cole is a doctor focusing on a natural functional medicine approach. He owns and operates a successful natural health clinic in Greensburg, PA where he coaches clients locally and across the country via Skype and phone consultations.

Dr. Cole received his Doctorate from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, he has post-doctorate training in the areas of functional medicine and clinical nutrition.

Dr. Cole’s philosophy about health rests upon the solid foundation that God created our bodies to heal and thrive; that the body needs no help to maintain optimal health, just no interference; and that any interference must be removed for healing to occur.

As the “disease-management” system in America continues to crumble, people are in search of new answers.

Dr. Cole believes in healthcare model that involves the patient and educates them about the steps they need to take to regain their health and maintain it for life

It is Dr. Cole’s belief that it is impossible for a medication to fix a lifestyle-related illness. That, while medications are imperative for emergency treatment situations, they often fall short when it comes to the management of chronic diseases that are driven by our toxic diets and lifestyles.

We can no-longer look at longevity as a benchmark of healthcare success, but rather quality of life –the latter of which we are failing miserably.

This has lead Dr. Cole to develop an approach that he believes addresses the root cause of sickness and disease –by supplying the body with what it needs to heal and removing any and all sources of interference that are keeping it from healing. This approach includes following his 5 Health Essentials.

The 5 essentials are:

  • Maximizing Nerve Supply
  • Heal the Gut
  • Regenerate the Cells
  • Balance Hormones
  • Eliminate Toxins

Dr. Cole implements these changes by returning to ancestral, or ancient health methods that have largely been lost in the modern era. Only by returning to these forgotten practices will we ultimately be able to heal our bodies and express our health to its fullest potential.

Dr. Cole: 2008 vs. 2016